Twilight is Set to Be a Christmas Smash

At this time of year we all look at staying in and spending time with the family. Christmas is a great time to catch up with everyone and watch movies and soaps. What a lot of people do is visit their local cinema. So there are a variety of movies aiming for the Christmas top spot and this year it looks as though Twilight the vampire romance movie is going to succeed.

The story evolves around Bella Swan who has always been a bit different from the rest of the crowd; she didn’t really care about materialistic stuff and what people actually think of her. The story begins when her mother remarries and instead she goes to live with her father in a small town. She resumes with her normal life as expected, until she bumps into Edward Cullen who catches her eye straight away. They then get brushed into a passionate relationship and all is going well. But! This is a movie so not is as everything seems, Edward Cullen has a dark secret, he is secretly a vampire. Bella then becomes a target of other vampires who want her blood, but Edward will do anything to protect her.

As you can see the film has a great storyline, it is actually about a vampire being nice rather than the traditional ways. The film which opened mid December in the USA has already been a smash by raking in $70 million in its first week. In the UK the movie has already raked in over 2.5 million which knocked off animated adventure Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa from the top spot. Alex Hamilton, director of E1 Films – the UK branch of Twilight’s distributor Entertainment One Group – said the film’s opening performance was a “great start”.

The movie is based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel and with the current way the film has earned in its first weekend; we are more than likely to see a second film be discussed in the future. Below is how the top 10 movies for the Christmas stand, these figures are all based on the pound.

The top ten films in the UK are: (last week’s position)

1 Twilight – 2.5 million (-)
2 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – 1.9 million (2)
3 Four Christmases – 1.1 million (3)
4 The Day the Earth Stood Still – 1 million (1)
5 The Tale of Despereaux – 560,870 (-)
6 Inkheart – 549,990 (4)
7 A Couple Made By God – 257,836 (-)
8 Changeling – 220,276 (7)
9 Quantum of Solace – 204,142 (8)
10 Transporter 3 – 174,470 (6)

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