Alas, We Say Goodnight

As you may have read, Patrick McGoohan, the Emmy award winning Actor who created the cult TV show “The Prisoner,” died yesterday in Los Angeles after a short illness. He was 80.

Arguably one of the most iconoclastic, talented and focused Actors of his generation, Mr. McGoohan made an indelible impression on Britain’s television audience in 1967 by creating and starring in what may be the most intelligent and individualistic television project in modern history. He also wrote and directed some of the shows, which is arguably the last time anyone entrusted with both roles possessed an actual talent, rather than merely an unrestrained ego.

Debuting at a time when British television had achieved a level of bland, relentless and choking vapidity that, even compared to the intellectual vacuum of American networks can these days be scarcely imagined, this extraordinary show brought the nation to a mesmerized halt and was the exclusive topic of debate and discussion in every office and workplace for days afterward; With very good reason.

Mr. McGoohan was an Actor in the truest and most respected sense of the word. His commitment, both to his craft and each of his roles was resolute and implacable. In his entire career he never made a commercial, nor sullied his intelligence or ours by the slightest involvement in a ‘reality’ show. Most of his peers would do well to take notes.

His passing is a sad, significant and premature loss, both to his craft and to us all. There’s no doubt he’ll be missed.

Michael J. Austin,

The Loquacious Limey,

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