Anacondas Eating People in Hollywood – Live?

Are anacondas eating people now? Well in Hollywood movies, yes. The most famous of the movie was the release of Anaconda in 1997 starring Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz and Owen Wilson.

That is where you can immediately appreciate a killer snake like the anaconda eating heads, foots and people! The movie is about a National Geographic film crew that picks up a crazy snake hunter looking to capture an anaconda. Sure, crazy snake hunter in the rain forest may be a bit of a stretch but not beyond the realm of possibility.

It is a movie after all and some suspension of disbelief is acceptable. The movie then proceeds with the anaconda causing all sorts of trouble for the crew, stalking them, hunting them and waiting for them to make one wrong move so it can exact its vengeance. This is where all realism disappears.

The movie is a good one for those who like the genre. It is at times campy and sometimes scary with plenty of gore thrown in for good measure. Added to that is the anaconda itself, a CGI special effect that was very well done if not at all an accurate depiction of the snake. The movie snake was shown to be a stalker and hunter. It ripped at its victim flesh when it was angry so it could eat them. It threw the victims around a bit and generally wreaked havoc wherever it went.

The reality, however, is much different. Anacondas do not stalk or hunt nor do they get mad. Instead they wait and they eat. When prey gets close enough it attacks by coiling around the animal and squeezing it, cutting off blood flow and air supply until the victim dies.

It may also drag the animal underwater where the combination of the constriction and drowning will cause its death. The anaconda will then eat the animal, whole, head first. While it does have teeth, a bite from an anaconda is not fatal and anacondas are not poisonous. The teeth are used to hold prey, not tear it open. Of course, anaconda movies would not be nearly as suspenseful if they were based entirely in reality.

The other significant part of anaconda movies that can be hard to swallow is how the snake is attacking people. In reality, anacondas are shy creatures and will generally avoid people. There are instances of anaconda attacks on people but they are very rare. There has to be just the right set of circumstances available before an anaconda will resort to attacking a person.

Even the few known anaconda attacks on humans, though, have not resulted in death. If a human is attacked, odds are they will be able to escape with some bumps and bruises, especially if not alone. Whether or not anaconda movies constitute good cinema is certainly debatable and prone to your own tastes.

However, whether or not they provide realism is easily answered: no. Anacondas do not act in a manner that is depicted in movies nor do they deal with the practical aspects of killing prey in the manner depicted. Unfortunately, anaconda movies perpetuate myths like anaconda eating people regarding these creatures but the truth is they are no real threat to humans at all.

Warning: Our Anacondas Eating People video section are for educational purposes, however, not for everyone to indulge. An update on the latest Anacondas that kept many people shocked is now live.

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