Behind the Famous Face – Angelina Jolie

Her long face indicates she doesn’t like to lose. She is practical, successful, good organizer, dominant, self-centered, competitive, aggressive, active, belligerent, cunning, sly, and she feels fear.

Her long wide curved forehead shows she is intelligent and creative. The circular hairline is high meaning she has strong maternal instincts.

The eyebrows are long, thin, and curved. She will live a long life, is single minded, focused, creative and dramatic.

The large blue eyes are moody, emotional, bears grudges, out-going, and she makes friends easily,. The upper eyelids are wide indicating she likes intimacy and is impulsive. She is objective. The lower eyelid indicates she has a strong sexual appetite. The eye puffs are moderate indicating she is impatient and critical.

The nose indicates she likes to be in control at work. Her nose has a round nose tip, and a straight bridge that is not too high, which indicates she will secure a loving husband. The wings are close indicating she is very independent. The thin nostrils indicate she is conservative in spending. The groove under her nose is deep showing a strong sexual appetite, and perhaps two children.

The large mouth indicates she is out-going and expressive. The thick lips indicate she is very generous, sensuous, and expressive. The thicker lower lip shows she is very persuasive.

The ears are set back on her head indicating she is self-centered. They are tight to the head indicating she is unselfish and generous.

Her strong high cheekbones indicate power and competitiveness. Her jaw is sharp cut meaning she is loyal and committed to her ideals.

Her chin is short and rounded indicating she is sensitive and compassionate with people.
The left eyes and brow are higher than the right. She has her emotional ups and downs. The right side of her (public) face appears sad and subdued, while her left side of her (personal) face is more open and relaxed.

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