Ben 10 Gwen – You’ve Heard of Ben 10 But

Ben 10 Gwen – You’ve Heard of Ben 10 But Who is Gwen?

Ben 10 is the young ten year old Benjamin Tennyson who transforms into different aliens to protect the earth. Gwen Tennyson is Bens cousin, who although unlike her cousin Ben cannot transform into aliens, still has her fair share of trouble when helping Ben save the world.

Gwen, who shares the same birthday as her cousin, has a love-hate relationship with them, not unlike many siblings or cousins of the same age group. Gwen often uses sarcasm and her dry wit toward Ben but although they may bicker a lot, she is the first one there to give him a helping hand when he needs one.

Gwen is the brains of the family and you will often find her researching on her laptop the people or creatures that they encounter. She also has many skills including gymnastics and martial arts training. While Ben has the Omnitrix and the role of transforming into the various aliens, it is Gwen who is often the brains behind their encounters.

Gwen is known to have a ‘magical aura’ and has the gift to be able to use spells and magical artifacts. Gwen really is a hero in her own right when she masters her magical talents and combines then with her physical talents and training. Gwens talents and training lead her to become a black belt in martial arts and a master magician using the ‘Charms of Bezel’.

Gwen Tennyson plays a big role in the Ben 10 series and movies, making Ben 10 not only popular with young boys but also with young girls who may envision themselves in the role of Gwen.

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