Fast Track Your Desires – With Mind Movies

Weather you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, the law is constantly working. Just like the law of gravity, you may not know exactly how it works, but you do know that if you throw something up in the air it will fall back down to the ground. Therefore if laws work in a certain way, why not work these laws in our favour.

Everything that exists in the world today has come about through a persons imagination. The ability to image is vital to all human progress. You may have heard of a dream board, wheel of fortune or mind movie. These are all methods of using your imagination to bring into your life the things that you desire.

Scores of people have used these methods, to great success. These people have improved their lives in the phase of prosperity, health, love and happiness. Pick any one of the three methods stated above and follow these simple guidelines.

These are your personal desires you are attracting into your life. Do not show or discuss it with anyone. Be very quiet about what you are doing. Sharing with someone that does not fully understand about the law of attraction, can cause them to put a negative spin on your efforts. Just quietly use it and get results.

I have made a movie and slide show on my computer and have attracted wonderful things into my life. Remember to use big, beautiful, and colourful things that are exciting to you. Remember life is unlimited, so aim for the best of what every you are trying to attract. You won’t be able to wait to view your movie or slide show. The images you use will be what you attract into your life. So dull will attract dull life. Small will attract small into your life. Think BIG!

If you are trying to improve your health and want healing in your life, make sure to use light, bright colors that quicken and please the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls so many of the functions of the body.

Here are color suggestions to follow according to ancient color symbology:

-For financial attraction, use green or gold.
-For increased spiritual understanding, use yellow or white colors. This symbolizes the “white light of Spirit.”
-For success in intellectual accomplishment, such as getting a college degree, writing a book, play, or for other mental accomplishments, use the color blue.
-For success in health, energy, increased activity use the color orange or bright yellow.
-For success in love and marriage and increased harmony in in your life, use the color pink or rose. Using the color orange or a color such as shocking pink, helps to arose one’s emotional nature to the possibilities of love and marriage.

These colors should be used in the background or in the pictures of the things you want to attract. Write positive affirmations with the letters in that particular color.

Find colourful photos of the things you want to attract. Pictures that excite you and move you. This will help you get colourful, happy results much more quickly.

Do not clutter your mind movie or slide show with too many pictures, words or phrases, ideas or affirmations. You should make several mind movies or slide shows for the various phases of your life. Crowding only brings cluttered results, because your imagination literally takes you seriously.

If you are making a financial mind movie or slide show for more income, a better job, nicer home, travel, etc, be sure to have pictures of real money and financial figures . You do not want to attract anything with extended credit which can lead to indebtedness. Placing real money or its equivalent into your mind movie, opens your mind to receive it in such a way that there will be no financial burden attached to your desired results. You may also include large checks in various denominations made out to you, since most larger financial demonstrations arrive in the form of checks.

Include a spiritual symbol in your movie. This symbolizes a Higher Power helping you realize your desire. An example would be a coloured picture of Christ. This insures Divine protection, insuring things come to you in a way that is for your better good . The name “Christ” has power to mould substance and produce the best results. Some good positive affirmations to use are: “Father this or something better. Thy will be done.”

In making your mind movie you are not trying to force anything to you, but merely opening your mind to receive what is already at hand. Another good affirmation to use: “My good is at hand and I gratefully receive it now!” We are wealthy now. We are healthy now. We just have to open our minds to it. The law is already there, we just have to use it. Open your mind to receive it quicker with your mind movie.

After you have the thing that you desire, be grateful for it. It is wise not to talk about it. We do not have to work on other people to get our good, we only have to work on our own thinking.

After your mind movie is finished, watch it every day. Several times a day if possible. Love what you have created. Feel that this is you right now, part of your life right now. Concentrate on the things you are bringing into your life. This hastens that creation into manifestation. Love, what you are manifesting. If you can not feel this emotion, then maybe you are trying to attract something that you really do not want.

Just enjoy your mind movie. Feel it as being a part of your life right now. Don’t worry about how these things will come to you. They are coming. It really does not matter how. Through the Divine Power, it will be for your better good.

Watch your mind movie until you have lost interest in it, or you have manifested some of your desires. Then it is time to create a new mind movie for yourself. Do this continuously. Use the law of attraction to always be bettering your life. Remember to make mind movies for each phase of your life. Never stop using them. Always be moving forward and bettering your life.

“Nela is a personal development coach who loves to teach folks how to live their lives to the fullest and create harmony in all phases of their lives.”

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