Fred Thompson – What’s He Going To Do Now?

Will he do lobbying work? Probably not. While he has earned in excess of $1 million over the years lobbying, his positions on lobbyists would make him appear hypocritical if he returned to lobbying.

Will he run for political office again? Again, probably not. Thompson won a 1994 election in Tennessee to finish Al Gore’s term when Gore was elected Vice President. Fred subsequently won a full term in 1996 and left the Senate in 2002. Now Thompson has taken his shot at running for President. Aside from a possible Vice Presidential nomination, again doubtful, Fred Thompson has probably held his last political office.

So what is left for Fred Dalton Thompson? My suggestion is he return to the world of acting. Thompson began his acting career in the movie Marie. It was the story of Marie Ragghitani, a Tennessee Parole Board chairperson who helped expose a clemency for hire scheme. Thompson represented Ragghitani in her trial and then played himself in the movie. Thompson has appeared in 24 movies and many television shows, most recently playing District Attorney Arthur Branch on Law and Order. What role could Thompson play now?

A just released novel, First Lady of the United States: The Pursuit of Power, has the perfect role for Fred. The author, Anthony Scott, in a recently published article admitted writing the character with Fred Thompson in mind. The book is about a former First Lady who is running for President. Her husband is killed in a plane crash that is blamed on a terrorist attack. The FBI isn’t convinced of the terror angle and assigns two agents to investigate whether the former First Lady planned the attack on her husband’s plane. Deputy Director Carl Sampson, the Fred Thompson character, helps guide the agents through the investigation. Obviously the role is perfect for Fred.

So what will it be Fred? Do you stay home with your lovely wife Jeri and your two young children or do you get back into the acting world in a part that was written for you? You’ve played a President, White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, Navy Admiral and New York City District Attorney. Its time to play FBI Deputy Director Carl Sampson in Anthony Scott’s First Lady of the United States: The Pursuit of Power.

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