Heroes – Why Has This TV Series Been So Successful?

Heroes – Why Has This TV Series Been So Successful?

The hit NBC TV series, Heroes, has been a runaway success with viewers of all ages and from numerous countries around the world. The character’s individual and unusual powers have captured the imagination of millions and the storylines have been both intriguing and riveting. So what do you do when you find you have a hit TV series on your hands?

End it? Most Heroes fans, me included, will agree that there should be no end to this popular drama, as this would leave a huge vacuum in their otherwise dull and mundane lives. Everyone needs a hero in their life. Now here we have a whole selection to choose from and just when we were all beginning to get to know our chosen Hero, it appears we’re about to lose them. The consequences are unthinkable.

The script writers have to get their act together and come up with another series. They just need to use their imagination right? And what about a movie? It’s sure to break all box office records right?

From a marketer’s point of view, Heroes is hot property. There’s huge International interest in the characters, both on and off screen. There’s a huge market and an insatiable appetite for more compelling storylines. There’s absolutely no doubt, Heroes could be bigger than Star Trek! And why not?

Stating the obvious is one thing but how did it all come about? A well engineered plan? A devious strategy? A stroke of luck? Truth is, nobody can ever predict, with any degree of accuracy, just exactly how well a TV offering is going to be received by the TV viewing public. But what we do know is, if you put together an irresistible recipe, based on tried and tested ingredients, the product will be, at least, acceptable.

The first aspect to consider when putting together an ‘acceptable’ TV drama or movie script is the ‘good versus evil’ ingredient. This is essential as just about everyone alive can associate with good and evil. Next you need an essence of ‘saviour’, or in this case a hero or heroine, of which there are numerous. The third most important addition to the pot is a ‘mission’ or plot. Ideally this theme should run through the whole series or movie, along with frequent references to it, which helps keep the whole production on a definitive course and the viewer totally focused.

Finally, the characters must be ‘believable’. Not the story line, not the set and not the costumes but the characters. Every part must be played out with conviction, passion and belief.

Heroes is a success because it exudes all of these ingredients in equal measure, and results in a perfect presentation of sci-fi-ology. The only downside associated with such extreme success is trying to keep it subdued long enough so as to be able to carefully channel it to its inevitable fruitful harvest. We have the T-shirts, the posters, the DVDs and the collectibles, now we’re waiting for the movie.


Bill Knight is an International copywriter and Internet marketer. He is also a big fan of Heroes the TV drama series. http://www.heroes-online.co.uk

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