Hollywood Internship Program For U.S. Students

Breaking into the entertainment industry through an entertainment college internship is a great way to get your foot in the door. A person not looking for college credit but looking to acquiring experience (looking for paid position) may want to try applying for “assistant” jobs. They are a great way to get your break into the market as well as develop your relationships.

Entertainment mogul, David Geffen got his start working in the mail room at the William Morris Agency and went on to become one of the largest Entertainment Tycoons of our time. Whether you are looking for TV, Music, Film, Publishing, Media or Video Gaming internships, HollywoodEntertainmentjobs.com stays up to date with all the latest internship programs, assistants and entry-level positions available.

HollywoodEntertainmentJobs.com is the Entertainment job super-site. We are the PREMIER job board for the entertainment market. We have the largest active Entertainment Jobsite in the United States and International markets! We publish jobs that range from intern to high level executive and EVERYTHING in between. Entertainment Internship programs typically are for college-enrolled students however there are a number of ongoing internship programs for non-enrolled students looking to get their foot in the door.

There are typically several types of entertainment internships.

1. School Credit Internships: School Credit internships are unpaid internships available to eligible students four times per calendar year (during fall quarter/semester, winter quarter/spring semester, spring quarter, and summer quarter/semester), with specific dates dependent on the local school schedules. Available internships are based solely on eligible department requests.

2. Paid Internships: Paid internships are available to students and non-students year-round. Available paid internships are based solely on sponsoring department requests. Paid Internships usually result in full time employment after the internship program ends. Also a “paid internship status does tend to look better a resume and carry more weight in getting hired.

3. Summer Internships: Summer Internship Program sponsors full-time, paid interns for six to eight weeks each summer. Sponsoring departments are selected based on a variety of factors.

HollywoodEntertainmentjobs.com brings you the most updated college internships available. We recommend that you check out our site.

HollywoodEntertainmentjobs.com – we are the premier job-board for the entertainment market.

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