How Does Great Success in Life Begin With Small Things?

How Does Great Success in Life Begin With Small Things?

Nowadays, there are many practical skills which are needed in life. Many people think that intelligence is a lot more important than any other skills in life, but in fact practical skills, which are considered simple and unimportant, count. There are many ways to get skills which can be our life capital. One of them which was experienced by Penelope Cruz is getting an acting lesson for the first time from her mother’s salon.

This Spanish actress who speaks English, French, and Italian fluently said, she learned acting by watching a change in a woman who was making up in salon so she looked more beautiful.

“I always said that the first acting school is salon,” said Penelope as quoted by contact music website. “Every woman who come to salon, want so they exceed their image that they have. So, they play great character.”

Cruz, who got in nomination of best actress Academy Award for a couple times, spent her childhood time by helping her mother, Encarna Sanchez, a hair dresser in a salon.

Cruz was born in San Sebastian , Madrid. At the beginning, Penelope was a ballerina. For 9 years, she learned classical ballet. Even in the age of 15, Penelope is chosen as the best Spanish ballerina.

Popularity started to grow in Penelope moreover when she became a video clip model which was sung by Spanish group, Mecano. In 1997, Penelope starred “Abre los ojos” which is made in English version, Vanilla Sky in 2001.

This story is not telling about luck. This story tells readers that every little success in life begins with small things.

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