Is Lovefilm a 5 Star Or 3 Star DVD Rental

Is Lovefilm a 5 Star Or 3 Star DVD Rental Service?

The differences for site design vary widely between the 5-Star (Good) and 3-Star (Bad) online DVD rental sites and can affect the actual benefits of your online DVD rental membership. Ignoring the obvious similar or same options offered by almost all the DVD rental sites, some telling comparisons come down to the differences for customer service and site design.

Customer service should be a major consideration when signing up for any services, not only DVD rental, but it is often overlooked during the search for the most rentals with the longest Free Trial period. Part of your personal customer service rating should combine the speed of their DVD turnarounds with the response time to answer your questions about their service.

Five-star services have their phone number posted up front on their site so you don’t have to spend most of your time trying to find it. Someone professional answers the phone and can help you with your problem or immediately put you in direct contact with someone who can help you. Their email contacts with you are written by a real person, with responses that sound like they actually read your email.

Three-star rated sites may take a couple of days to turnaround your order. There have been complaints about several of the 3-star sites lacking any contact or customer service at all. Some haven’t added any DVDs to their stock in 2 years. One common complaint found on some of the site forums is that emails are answered with canned text that does not address their problem in any way.

Good site design includes accessible data you might want to read, like customer or critic ratings and reviews, genre, release date. On well-designed sites you can search on title, actor and director. Some offer a synopsis search so you can track down DVDs when you only remember part of the plot or story line.

The best sites are graphic based, rather than text-based. Most customers would rather pick movies from a picture of the front cover of the DVD than wade through endless paragraphs of text.

Scratched disks are rapidly handled on the 5-Star sites without hassle. Most 3-Star sites are not so responsive, requiring several contacts before anything is done to solve your complaint.

Before you sign up for DVD rental services, you should visit the sites you are considering and determine if they have a customer forum you can join. A quick read of the customer posts will show you how that company treats their customers. Stay away from ones with lots of complaints. You will eventually be unhappy.

As a current Lovefilm customer I’m happy to say they are certainly a 5 star company. If you want to know why, you can read my Lovefilm Review at

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