Movie Reviews: SiCKO (2007)

After umming and arring I finally decided to go and see SiCKO the new film from the controversial Michael Moore. SiCKO attempts to highlight the huge problems with the American privatized health care and insurance system by showing a series of extreme examples pointing the fingers at the evil insurance companies.

This film is frightening and at times extremely funny. Michael Moore manages to expertly push the audience in shock and makes everyone feel like something needs to be done. I guess I feel this is a good idea, almost everyone knows of a health insurance nightmare and in many peoples opinions medical care is just too expensive but personally I had severe problems with certain aspects of Michael Moore’s techniques.

I was cynical of this film as I have been with other Michael Moore offerings. To me it felt as though he was again making the argument extremely one sided and treated the average American like they did not know anything and should eat up his propaganda as quickly as he believes people eat up the propaganda given by the beloved government!

Being English the one sidedness that I had suspected was confirmed. When Mr Moore visited England to have a look at the NHS (our government run health system) he painted it in such an amazing light that I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the US applies for UK immigration. The NHS is definitely a better system in my opinion than the US insurance system but he neglected to mention the money problems and waiting times problems and hospital cleanliness issues that are common place. I’d imagine that the French and Canadian that he painted in the same amazing light systems also suffer from their fair share of problems too.

I felt the pace of the movie became repetitive after a while too. Although the cases he highlighted were all shocking, I’m sure true, and highlighted the problem very well we all knew that the finally outcome would be bad even if he sarcastically tries to lead us away from thinking that.

One huge and amazing point to come out of the movie was the cost of drugs in neighboring Cuba. A $120 inhaler was found to cost around 5cents in Cuba which really is outrageous and I thank Mr Moore for highlighting this. The stunt he pulled taking ill Americans to Cuba for free treatment was extremely funny and seemed spontaneous and dangerous but I’m sure it was a very well planned activity that included needing to get Visas and using his contacts to pull strings to allow certain parts of the filming.

And the final insult from the self absorbed man was when he put in a kick to an anti Michael Moore web site owner by revealing that it was him that had donated an anomalous $12000 for the medical treatment of the site owners wife. In my opinion real generosity would have been achieved only if he did not reveal on tape that it was him that had given the money.

I think this movie should be seen. The problem is real and it does need highlighting. I just wish that it was a shorter film and that at least some reality had been brought to the other sides of the argument. Michael Moore needs to realize that people are big enough and clever enough to make up their own minds.

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