Movies Vs. TV, Who Wins?

The hottest debate in town nowadays is whether watching movies in the theatres is better or watching television at home? By television we don’t mean the soaps or reality shows only but movies too. Almost every network has a movie channel of its own and the ones that do not, keep airing movies once in a while. Not to forget, the DVD player in partnership with your television that assists you in watching your favorite movies at lower costs.

But one argument in favor of movies is that when you watch movies on the television, we tend to watch more in number, burning up the same amount of cash or even more sometimes. This eats up on our precious time making us couch potatoes and does not give the feel of an outing or a night out.

Well, everyone seems to be right in their own views and if you are one of the few who haven’t given it a thought or still confused about it then this is your chance to make a decision of what really suits your budget and taste.

Television might suit the people who want to watch all the movies in town without having to buy all the expensive tickets in the multiplexes and theatres.

Going to the movies might suit those of you who don’t get enough time to watch them and just go for a select few that are worthwhile to watch. A good movie is better if seen in the theatre as you have nothing else to do in the dark but give your undivided attention to the movie while at the most, hungrily groping at your popcorn in the dim light bouncing off the screen. Whichever you choose to stick by, have a great time!

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