NBC Fails – Again

In welcome [and long overdue!] news from the, ‘Yes, Scarlett, there is a God!’ department, we read that one of the most shameful insults ever visited upon the collected intellect of an innocent audience, has finally been put out of our misery – Knight Rider has been canceled.

Undeservedly resurrected by NBC’s new, and seemingly unassailable wunderkind, Ben Silverman, and a thinly-veiled butt-schmoozing for one of Michigan’s bankrupt bastions, this repugnant parade of nonsensical plots and prosaic performance has lingered in Nielsen’s ICU for weeks. Today, the NBC suits finally pooled their anemic IQ’s and did the same to the show as it did to all six of its audience – They put it to sleep.

No longer wasting time or capital on producing this motorised turkey should certainly help NBC save the $500m it apparently needs to survive a drop in ad revenue, but listening to your audience and not cramming your schedules with the personal fetishes of your new corporate darling might have had better results; The surest way to overcome losses is not to indulge in the stupidity that makes them a risk in the first place!

This is proof, yet again, that NBC does not read the script. The entire fiasco was incurred at the behest of Mr. Silverman. He green-lit the show and okayed its costs. And it failed…Miserably. And NBC’s solution – right before Christmas – is to let 500 other, hard-working people pay for this flop with their jobs.

If such witless indifference doesn’t make you feel sick, you should ask NBC for a management post.

Michael J. Austin,
The Loquacious Limey,

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