Neverwas – A Story Finds Its Storyteller

The movie Neverwas is based on the concept of a king protecting his kingdom. A children’s author writes a novel about a delusional man, out of love for his son. His entire story was based on what this delusional ‘king’ told him, and that made it a truly special novel. Some themes presented in the movie are making others feel special, no matter how strange they may seem; and doing things out of love. Neverwas demonstrates many good qualities that we should possess.

T.L. Pierson was a great writer. Sending letters was a standard of communication between him and ‘the king’ (Gabriel). Because he love others, he was very positive and encouraging towards Gabriel. This convinced Gabriel to continue telling his story, and it made him feel loved. If you genuinely love others, people are able to sense it. This will made other people want to be around you, and share their life experiences if you are willing to listen. Gabriel felt loved by T.L. Pierson, so he shared his story with him. Make others feel special, and you will feel special in return.

Pierson’s greatest love was his son Zachary. He dedicated his whole novel to him, and wanted to be loved back by Zach. Unfortunately, T.L. Pierson didn’t realize how much Zach loved him, because Zach rarely expressed his love for his father. When you take action out of love, people will notice. Some choose to express their loving emotions, while others hold it inside. It may be difficult to tell, but it will never hurt to be a loving person.

Neverwas is a heart-warming story about a mans love for his son, and another mans wish to live inside of a fairy tale. Making other feel special, and doing things out of love are 2 themes in Neverwas. Be loving and show it to others, before it is too late.

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