Party Like a Rockstar

A phrase that is so common now to the youths of today. This is simply referring to outrageous partying that usually involves sexual intercourse, drinking, using of drugs, loud music… and even more sex. This is the ideal lifestyle that is depicted by the musicians of the genre Rock and Roll. With wads of cash practically being thrown at them, it is no surprise that most of these celebrities prefer to splurge their profits in terms of pleasure.

This is of course, all stereotypical actions of rock stars. There are some celebrities that prefer to spend their money on more practical things like donate to a charity or be a part of a big cause. Still this image of their lives cannot be abolished. So how exactly did this image of their lifestyle came to be? How was it depicted to the public that attracts teenagers to become like them? Television, movies, and music are the key reasons why this image became so popular.

There have been several movies made that are about the lives of being celebrities. The usual plot to these types of movies would be a small town person or someone who is trying to become a somebody becomes famous but in the end realizes that money cannot buy happiness. This person would go through a series of misfortunes until it finally hits him/her that this isn’t the ideal life. Partying hard, drinking and doing drugs is usually included in the list of misfortunes that he/she went through. This is the depicted image of becoming a rockstar in movies and on television. Moral aside, these movies show that the life of a rockstar is a constant party and apparently, this is appealing to the youths of today. And this message (being a rockstar is cool and fun) is also shown through the music of today. Instead of talking about love, and friendship (a common topic used for songs before), the lyrics of today that teens now sing talk about girls dancing in music videos, having sexual intercourse, partying, and being rich and famous. It is no wonder that there are some conservative parents that ban their children from listening to Rock and Roll. But no one can escape the power of Rock and Roll since it is everywhere and present in almost all things.

To the defense of these celebrities, they are artistic geniuses who have found ways to reach out to the kids of today. They are worshipped like gods and somehow seem unreachable. Even the rockstars of the genre Classic Rock are still being praised until now, dead or alive. This is probably the reason why there are still thousands of people who want to become rockstars. They somehow become immortal through their music and their actions (partying hard and getting all the girls). But even if they do seem immortal, obviously they aren’t. There have been several cases where these rock gods have been found dead either from an illness caused by over dosage of sex (AIDS) or over dosage of drugs. Well, nobody said that partying like a rockstar is all glamorous and fun 24/7. It just takes it toll on you after the party is over.

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