Pictures Of Movie Stars On The Red Carpet

When you think of celebrities on the red carpet, paparazzi may come to mind. Those horribly intrusive photos of stars at their worst or the obvious posed shots of stars are all too common at these events. But there is another side to the red carpet and another side to those pictures of movie stars we love so much.

The red carpet is a world unto itself with as many ranging emotions on it as in any great film. Pictures of movie stars taken there don’t need to look like promotional material anymore than they need to embarrass the actors. There are a handful of dedicated photographers that search for something better on the red carpets of Hollywood.

During the 90s some great films were made, like Forrest Gump, Titanic, Unforgiven, The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, The Matrix and the list goes on. For each of these films the stars made their way down the red carpet and thousands upon thousand of photos were taken at each event.

The true story could only be captured by photographers that looked beyond the obvious, beyond the public poses, beyond the red carpet. To raise these pictures of movie stars to true art required a watchful eye, not just a fast shutter finger.

While the 90s was a great decade for film actors, it was also the last decade of the film camera. In the new digital age of photography it is easy to lean towards quantity rather than quality. But to truly capture the essence of an actor on the red carpet requires an artists eye and a hunters patience. Quality counts when searching for the intimate candid of a celebrity.

These kinds of pictures of movie stars form a book, not a byline in a tabloid. They deserve an honored place in a collectors library. Where a posed shot will tell a certain story and pictures of movie stars done paparazzi style tells another one, a carefully chosen candid moment in time creates a small map to the stars personality.

With the 90s nearly a decade deep now, celebrity photos continue to dominate the media, but leaning more and more towards the exploitive, paparazzi style that flatters few and gives little insight to the actors person. Pictures of movie stars that show us the person behind the star are few, but do exist.

These movie star photos are what a true fan lives for, the ones that show that knowing look, that telling stance or a giveaway expression. Within these pictures of movie stars the star becomes a real person for a brief moment and for that same moment we all become that star.

Want to see what an artistically candid celebrity photo looks like? Love the movie stars of the 1990s? Click now to see a beautiful collection of black and white and color photos taken during the 90s on the red carpets all around Hollywood.

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