Pirates Of The Caribbean At World’s End Review

Wow! It is rare that a movie series gets better with the third installment, but this is exactly the case with Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End. The movie is absolutely stunning with top-notch graphics and visuals while Johnny Depp, Chow Yun Fat, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly deliver some award-winning performances in this movie. Parents need to be cautioned though that POTC is not for little kids, unless they are prepared to have these same tykes in their beds at night for quite some time.

The storyline of POTC is involved and can be a little hard to follow, but it comes to a nice conclusion at the end of the movie. But the best thing about this movie is that the audience is always kept guessing, there is absolutely no way to anticipate the end of the movie or the subplots of the movie.

The visuals and graphics make for some very realistic on screen special-effects but that is the beauty of the movie. When the movie wants to be funny it is funny, the same is true for when the movie needs to deliver its scary aspects, believe me POTC can bring scary to the screen with a bang ! The special-effects visuals and computer graphics let POTC At World’s End deliver a perfect mix of horror, action, humor and even romance at times. POTC easily earns 4.5 stars, and is sure to be a movie that the family will want to seem more than once. DVD sales of this movie are going to be off the charts and there is even some talk of an Oscar for Johnny Depp. Imagine that!

The long and short of Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End is that you should go see it, make no mistake this is a definite summer blockbuster!


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