Reality TV With a Positive Theme – Hometown Heroes

The 101 will feature exclusive programming including comedies, daytime drama and other shows that won’t be available elsewhere. One of the most exciting shows to be featured on The 101 is a brand new, original television series called DIRECTV Hometown Heroes. Hometown Heroes celebrates the people who matter most – their customers. The show will air on The 101 on April 6, 2008 at 9:00 pm.

This new series is dedicated to customers who are inspirational in the positive impact they have on others in their communities. Each 30-minute program will focus on people who make a difference to others in their lives through acts of courage, generosity and kindness. The weekly show will document the lives of these individuals and explore their motivation as well as the impact they have on others. Hometown Heroes will be selected from around the country, and Joan Lunden will host the series.

Hometown Heroes is like reality TV gone good, and the ten episodes are bound to be a refreshing television viewing experience for millions. The show will be exclusive in that it will focus only on DIRECTV customers and air only on it’s exclusive entertainment channel, but it will be even more unique because it highlights the positive side of humanity.

For families and individuals that are tired of viewing all that’s gone wrong with humanity, Hometown Heroes will be a significant and welcome alternative. If all goes well, it could even open up an entirely new genre of reality TV: ordinary people doing extraordinarily good things. Through Hometown Heroes, could nice guys and gals be popular TV heroes again? Not only will the show focus on the positive, it will focus on the positive in their own communities.

Who will be featured on Hometown Heroes? You’ll meet a doctor who provides medical care free of charge to needy patients, one woman who facilitates schooling for homeless children in California, and a man who started a service that provides meals to relief workers and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to the incredibly talented and experienced host Joan Lunden, Hometown Heroes will feature special show correspondents Dr. Winnie King and Grant Goodeve. If DIRECTV Hometown Heroes sounds like something you’d like to see, tune into The 101 and get a glimpse of what positive reality TV is all about.

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