Ricky Gervais Hits Hollywood

Ricky Gervais is one of my favourite comedians but I don’t know if he has stepped a little over his own boundaries. Of course I am only speaking for myself when I say that Hollywood might be a little big to chew for the comedian. His work on the show, ‘Extras’ was incredible. He bought something 100% new to the screen and it was enjoyed by many people.

The 47 year old, who is appearing in his first Hollywood lead role in movie, ‘Ghostown’ insists he never reads what critics say about his work however he has turned over a new leaf recently with his recent good spell in movie reviews. The comedian is renowned for never reading his own reviews yet was surprised when he saw them being so good!

I have not seen the film yet but I will because I am interested in Ricky Gervais’s work yet I am just a little sceptical having seen some of the trailers which do be honest don’t look good (in my opinion). It just looks like Ricky Gervais is spitting out the same comedy again and again. It is that slight sarcasm and simplicity which Ricky Gervais uses in his arsenal and it is getting a little dry. I can just tell what kind of humour is going to be prominent in the film.

I read a review of the film which stated that Ricky Gervais was happy he signed up for the film yet I am worried that this could damage his reputation as one of the best comedians around. After all, Hollywood has been known to ruin many careers!

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