Righteous Kill No Big Thrill

This film has a great cast of Deniro, Pacino, Donnie Walhberg, among others. Deniro plays Turk a cop who is a hothead but follows the law and keeps protecting the people. Pacino plays his sarcastic chess playing partner, who is loyal like a brother.

In the start of the film they have to ‘bend’ the rules to put away a child killer. They both have no qualms about it and follow through and let it be. Then later there are bunch of serial killings of basically guys that pimp, deal dope or any other vile act. Pacino and Deniro see these acts as good for society but their chief wants them to solve them regardless of the fact it keeps streets clean. The killer also leaves poems at each crime scene relating to what the people did to deserve this.

The premise is okay but comes out a little weak with the slow pacing. Deniro and Pacino have good chemistry as always, but that doesn’t really redeem the film for me. I expected it to be a fast past murder mystery thriller. Not a take your time roll it over ‘Law and Order’ style film. I think the producers thought if they had this acting duo they wouldn’t need to perfect the screenplay. They didn’t use a lot of special effects or crazy car chase scenes.

Carla Gugino is Deniro’s lover, a little disturbing for the twenty something audiences. It’s not the most romantic relationship’s; she seems to be using him just cause he wears a badge.

There is a dynamic turn in the story when Walhberg and Leguizamo are introduced as two rival cops. They have it out for Deniro and make his life a living hell. It seems you don’t know who to trust in the story and anyone could be the suspect.

The misdirections are okay but not enough to throw most people off the scent of who it really is. If you pick up on little clues you will figure it out about halfway through. I think if you wait for it to come out on DVD you should be fine. It’s worth a rental but not quite worth a movie ticket purchase for two or more. It’s not a film where you walk out or feel horrible seeing. My thought was okay that wasn’t very complicated or intense. Would I see it again? Probably not, once is enough. There is plenty of other great vigilante films.

Clarke Baldwin is a journalist who has worked for Dallas Morning News and other publications. You can find his site at Super Media Blog and this article at Righteous Kill no Thrill.

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