Security When Downloading Movies, Games and Music Online

My previous article looked at the privacy issues when Downloading Movies, Games & Music Online over P2P networks. This article looks at the dangers posed by viruses and spyware and how you need to ensure you PC is fully protected. (Note: if you require P2P download software head on over to where I review the best available).


The number of viruses is not only on the increase but they are also becoming more and more sophisticated. As more and more people interact in increasing sophisticated ways over the internet (such as file sharing over P2P Networks) the dangers multiply significantly. It is therefore very important that you not only have the best anti-virus software available but that is correctly installed and configured to protect your PC at all times.

Not only will you need the weapon that your ant-virus software is but you will also need the armour of a firewall. A firewall will stop any program on the net accessing your machine and installing malicious software on it. All the P2P download software we recommend at comes with free easy to use ant-virus and firewall software but you may also want to consider investing in heavy duty virus-checkers and firewall defences. We include reviews of the best and recommend you ensure you check them out.


Like many things on the internet spyware began innocently enough. It was first used by the larger corporations as a way to track their customers online purchasing habits as a way to better assess their needs , etc. in order that they could deliver better products, etc. So, innocent enough if you dont regard even that as an intrusion (and many people do) but that debate is for another time.

Unfortunately a lot of these programs are now used fraudulently for what is broadly known as identity theft. Essentially they sit on your computer and dial out your most personal information primarily of course your bank and credit card details. The Banks are, perhaps understandably, reluctant to publish details figures of the extent of any frauds that occur and I suspect hush up the larger occurrences but you will no doubt have read of many examples yourself or even been a victim.

Spyware can also track your internet activity in general, change your home page and favourites list and add pop-ups. If when surfing the net you are constantly bombarded with pop-ups then I guarantee you have been infected with malicious spyware. It can also use up large amounts of your computers memory and bandwidth reducing your internet surfing to a crawl or even crashing your PC!


Sadly and regrettably surfing the internet without adequate anti-virus and anti-spyware software is no longer an option. If you are using P2P networks it is extremely important that you ensure your security when downloading movies, games & music online. If you head on over to we review the best anti-virus and anti-spyware available. Keep your downloading safe and secure and you can really enjoy this great resource.

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