Shrek 1 And 2

There is very little to say about these films that you probably dont already know. Shrek is that lovable ogre who likes to be scary but rarely is. The films are made by DreamWorks and both of them [Shrek 1 and Shrek 2] can be watched either alone or together. Both films are captivating and of loveable quality. Watch with your children without feeling guilty. Oh, and have a good laugh while you are there (as well as booing the bad guys).

It features up-to-date and captivating animation which is noted for its detail and quality. There are voiceovers by famous people such as Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. The latter plays the annoying donkey. And, despite his annoying traits, who could fail to love the donkey and want to take him home? Add to this the fact that the soundtrack is great as well and you have the perfect recipe for a great couple of films.

Although set in past times, it is up to date in its feel and character. The overall moral is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Shrek, the ugly ogre, falls for the princess who is also an ogre. You cannot fail to love all of the characters but especially the ogre and the irritating donkey.

Certainly suitable for children of all ages plus adults will love it. This has got to be one of the best movies for years and one that, I will bet, no child will ever say was not worthy of watching again and again.

Unusually for a sequel, Shrek 2 is equally watchable and a perfect companion to the first movie.

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