Sorry Bhai! (2008) Film – Character Detail – Sanjay Suri’s

Sorry Bhai! (2008) Film – Character Detail – Sanjay Suri’s Character

Sanjay Suri as Harsh

Harsh has always been the simpler, uncomplicated brother. Ambitious and determined to become a success, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Going to Mauritius on a scholarship made him even more ambitious and motivated to succeed.

Aaliyah was actually taken quite by surprise by Harsh’s extreme ambition. She knew he wanted to do well, but she had no clue that love would take such a backseat in his life. Harsh does feel guilty at the way he has treated his family and Aaliyah, but not enough to give up what gives him the most satisfaction – success.

Sanjay as Harsh. And what it is like to play Harsh.

Harsh is the modern day ambitious man who wants to be successful in life and have a life full of luxury for himself and his wifetobe without realizing that there is a price to be paid for everything. He is the kind of man who gives his work priority over his relationships, someone who likes to push things under the carpet, and often runs away from reality.

When one is playing the two roles of being a Producer and an Actor, life often gets complicated, but the SORRY BHAI experience was rather simple and sweet. With a supporting Cast and Crew this journey became enjoyable under the direction of my friend Onir.

Siddharth is the perfect specimen of the studious scientist. Hardworking, earnest, honest, bright and all kinds of other boring qualities abound in him. But he also has an interesting artistic streak: he’s a big jazz freak and an adept saxophone player.

Siddharth is resigned to getting into an arranged marriage to a girl selected by his mother, even though that doesn’t stop fantasies of love from plaguing him. And he’s thrilled to bits when he realizes that Aaliyah has fallen head over heels in love with him. His morality, however, goes through serious conflict. Sid, THE SCIENTIST AND THE YOUNGER BROTHER

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