Terrorists in Our Midst

Have you seen the new HBO series True Blood?* Although I can count the number of shows I watch on television – that enchanting seductress variably referred to as “The One-Eyed Devil” or “The Automatic Income Reducer”, I will confess that I am a repeat offender when it comes to watching that show. Perhaps it is my penchant for shows with Vampire themes. Or perhaps it is the lure of being able to watch the interplay of beings as they grapple with very familiar issues, such as prejudice and bigotry, propensity and proclivity.

The series makes a striking play upon what we think we know about Vampires; the knowledge of which is typically based upon other televisions shows we have watched, movies we have seen, or books we have read. The writers of True Blood amuse us in validating some of our beliefs and craftily obliterating others. Yes, Vampires are inactive during the day, as they cannot withstand sunlight. Yes, they live off of the blood of the living. And, yes, they are reduced to a sizzling mound of “undead” flesh when pure silver is cast upon them. However, they are not hastily done away with at the mere symbol of a cross. Nor do they transform into flying bats to escape imminent danger. Finally, I should note, as it pertains directly to the crux of this writing, Vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them in. Nope, can’t do it. They cannot violate the space that you have hallowed and made your own unless you welcome them.

What does all of this talk of HBO and television and beliefs and Vampires have to do with “Terrorists In Our Midst”? Well, at least one of the points mentioned above makes a direct correlation between Vampires and terrorists possible. Terrorists (like Vampires) cannot enter your home unless you let them in. WHAT? Now wait a minute. I know on the surface that statement – “Terrorists cannot enter your home unless you let them in” – sounds utterly absurd. You say, “The nature of a terrorist is that she/he comes unannounced and uninvited to wreak havoc and incite fear.”

Granted, that is the nature of a terrorist in one sense of the word; but I challenge you to look at the idea of a terrorist from another angle. At its root, a terrorist has the quality that it takes to frighten you, and to cause you to tremble anxiously. If indeed we can agree upon that as the defining quality of a terrorist, I would question: Doesn’t much of the news with which we are constantly bombarded throughout the day frighten us?

Don’t the accounts of financial turbulence and wide-spread housing foreclosures and random acts of crime and tempestuously dissolved relationships all but scare the “doo” out of us? Well, why do we continue to invite them in? No, I am not suggesting that we go about our day ill-informed and with our heads in the clouds (or sand, as it may be). But I am suggesting that we more closely watch, regulate, and/or moderate the inflow of things (and people, I might add) that consistently have a dreadful effect upon us. Like the Vampires of True Blood, the Terrorists In Our Midst cannot remain, if they are no longer welcome.

I wish you Peace and Happiness.

*To the Producers of True Blood: you owe me for the plug

Asa G. A. Collins
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