The “Adult Netflix” Revealed – Renting Adult DVDs Through the

The “Adult Netflix” Revealed – Renting Adult DVDs Through the Mail!

Okay, it’s not really affiliated with Netflix and it’s simply an adult video rental site, although it operates very similar to Netflix, which is why I’m referring to it as the “adult Netflix” of adult DVD rental. Some haven’t realized the benefits of having a adult video rental by mail system, and others haven’t been able to find the adult DVDs they were expecting to be able to rent from Netflix once they signed up for the service.

Actually, the beauty of an adult DVD rental system is that you don’t have to fool with getting funny looks from parents and members of the clergy as you carry brown bags or black cases out of the video store, you simply go to your mailbox and there’s a discreet package which you’re the only one that knows what it contains.

Having an “adult netflix” was only a producer’s wallet away from being realized the day the first Netflix commercial aired on television, and I’m sure there are many, many others which are going the same route as the website I’m telling you about. This particular website offers DVD rentals, Pay Per Minute Video-on-Demand, New DVDs, and adult toys.

And these boys and girls are serious about their business, they’ve even made an attempt to get Antonella Barba to become their spokesperson by paying her $500,000 in cold hard cash! Barba, however, never signed on and they’ve been using girls from the likes of Elegant Angels and New Sensations!

This website has a great professional layout and is more than easy to browse, and much like Netflix they allow you to build a list of movies to be sent to you when your others are returned!

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can read more about the “adult netflix” and their FREE Trial membership!

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