The Best in British Entertainment For Canada and America

We have a fascination for British entertainment, comedy, drama and science fiction. The dramatic series are acclaimed world wide. We can all appreciate the Brits’ sense of humor. Sometimes spot on; sometimes over the top; but always laugh out loud entertaining. And who doesn’t love a good sci-fi adventure?

The BBC has a vault of all forms of entertainment that you and your family can enjoy. Maybe your favorite series is not currently airing. Why not get the DVD to enjoy at home whenever you like? Or a classic such as Oliver Twist or Henry VIII? As for Science Fiction – who doesn’t love our favorite “Doctor?” And if you missed “Earth: The Biography” you will want to get a copy for your home library.

Take a moment and visit one of the shops. There is much to choose from.

What a wonderful Holiday Gift for your friends, your family – FOR YOURSELF!!

You will not be disappointed in the selections, the values, the discounts. Easy shopping – one for Canadians and one for the US. The only differences you will find is in the currency. No conversions – EASY.

IN CANADA The selection is endless, but to name just a few -

Primeval: Volume 1
Lovejoy: Christmas Specials
Torchwood: Season 2
Doctor Who
And much, much more

IN AMERICA All your favorite characters -

Doctor Who
Agatha Christie
To the Manor Born – The Complete Series
And much much more!!

Both shops have 2008 Special Holiday Values right now. Books Calendars and Gift Certificates are also available.

Join me in our love and appreciation for all types of British Entertainment – The Drama – The Comedy – The Educational.

Contact me at and request a “Key to the Canada Shop” or “Key to the America Shop” in the Subject Line.

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