The Happiest Place on Satellite Television

The Disney Corporation and all of its creations occupy an important part of many people’s childhoods from different generations and global locations. Since its true start in 1934, Disney has been creating iconic characters and films to educate and delight children and adults alike. Taking animation to new heights, Walt Disney and his successors elevated the understanding of cartoons from being simply a form of child’s entertainment to being a source of joy and interest for everyone in the family. Disney has expanded into multiple theme parks, real as well as animated movies, radio stations, books, and of course a television channel. Now families can bring the joy of Disney right into their home everyday with something as easy as satellite TV.

As globalization and immigration bring the world closer together and cultures blend more and more, Disney adapts with the times and diversifies its look and content. Children can learn about other cultures through the fun educational style perfected by Disney. Through music videos, movies, and television shows Disney exposes children to cultures other than their own, to a degree. With satellite television, kids can watch their favorite cartoon characters travel the world and meet people from all different cultures.

Beyond the presence of cultural information, the Disney channel offers what a true childhood should consist of. The programs featured on the channel are wholesome and family friendly, sometimes a rarity on television these days. Luckily with settings such as parental controls parents can monitor what channels their children can and cannot have access to. Not many parents want their young children to see a beaten and bloodied person in high definition, yet these types of images are considered good entertainment for the more adult audience. The availability of the Disney channel on satellite TV provides children an entertainment option that their parents can agree with.

The beauty of Disney is that it is not mindless juvenile gibberish, adults can also share in the enjoyment of the shows and movies. The delicate writing of these programs achieves the dual objective of pleasing children while also tossing out a few allusions and ideas that are more along the line of adult humor without the kids ever noticing. The equal interest in Disney programs makes the Disney channel an excellent option for family time to be spent.

When a family can all sit together and watch their favorite Disney show they start sharing their interests, likes, and dislikes, allowing for everyone to become closer. Even the simple physical proximity to one another acts as a link between the different members of a family. Sharing these experiences also tunes parents in to what influences their children and at least some of the lessons they are learning. While watching the Disney channel on satellite tv should not be the beginning and end of how family time is spent, it can serve as a great educational tool for kids as they learn and enjoy doing so while their parents remain entertained as well. Disney has perfected the balance of leaving all parts of a family satisfied.

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