The Independent Film Channel – Satellite TV Goes Indie

Moving away from the mainstream, mass-produced, mind crushing junk we get on most channels, the Independent Film Channel, or simply just IFC, proposes something different. They provide an innovative, fresh alternative to the rest of what is out there, with their blend of independent, original shows, documentaries and movies. If you like films with foreign accents, anime, spaghetti westerns, bizarre Japanese horror flicks, the Coppola daughter, skateboarding, and gourmet dinners, IFC is just for you. The great thing about the channel is that not only is it available with a simple click of your remote via satellite TV, it’s completely uncut and uncensored-hence their tagline ‘always, uncut’. The channel airs programming 24 hours a day. In addition, most of the stuff is available in vivid HD. Below is a sampling of the original programming at your behest.

Z Rock
This show revolves around the lives of three Brooklyn based musicians that live the lives of hard-core rockers at night, but by day, they play for kids. Z Rock, is a loosely scripted comedy, which relies mostly on improvisation. Celebrity cameos are frequent. This satire is not to be missed-if you want a comical look at the harsh underbelly of rock and roll dreams, just tune up your satellite TV.

Does Your Soul Have A Cold?
This is a 2006 documentary from the critically acclaimed independent film maker Mike Mills, of Thumbsucker fame. In ‘Cold,’ Mills looks at the question of importing American definitions of depression and antidepressants to Japan. Mills purports that the Japanese word for depression, utsu, did not really exist until this decade and the reason for its expansion into popular use can be found in the increase of American pharmaceutical companies within the country. ‘Cold’ follows the lives of five Japanese citizens who have chosen to take antidepressants, uncovering the broad culture implications that are uncovered.

The IT Crowd
This series revolves around the lives of an IT support staff who work in a dark and dingy basement of a corporate conglomerate called Reynholm Industries. These guys are hardly sports stars, and their nerdiness is almost endearing. This show is a hilarious farce.

Hell Girl
Hell Girl is an anime series featuring one Ai Enma, or hell girl. She has the power to send your enemies to the bowels of hell itself; however, if you should call on her, there is a price to pay. To summon Miss Hell, all you have got to do is send the girl a message on her website, and she will ferry your tormentors directly to hell. Watch Ai Enma do her deeds in brilliant high definition.

Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong
This documentary takes viewers on a trip to Hong Kong, to explore the city’s rich film heritage. You’ll learn about the fighting styles, weaponry and meet the stars. The show will also give you an in depth look at techniques and innovations of kung fu cinema with the help of famous film makers Lau Kar-Leung and John Woo.

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