Twilight Movie Review – Amusingly Awful

Twilight is the latest entertainment fad. The Twilight novels series is extremely popular and now the new movie based on the first Twilight book is extremely popular as well. I was among the millions of people who watched it during it’s opening weekend.

First of all I should mention that I am not this movie’s target market. I watched it with my significant other as it was her desire to do so! I’ve never read any of the books (and have absolutely zero desire to do so) and I was certain I would think the movie was awful before I even began watching it.

And of course I was right. It was awful. But it was awful in a pretty amusing way. I actually laughed out loud on multiple occasions which is something that I can’t say for a lot of actual comedies I’ve seen. This is a movie that if it were not a blockbuster, it would probably be a cult favorite of some kind due to how ridiculously campy it is. It actually has a bit of a b-movie feel to it. The special effects are pretty cheezy and the acting is bad. None of the characters or relationships appear to be even remotely believable (with the possible exception of Bella’s father.)

But yes, it’s just so bad that it actually turns back around to being kind of good again. I must admit that I did somewhat enjoy the movie and I’ll probably watch the second one too (which is already being planned to come out next November.)

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