Valentine Strikes Again

I watched this show, “Valentine”, which is about the Valentine family of Greek gods/goddesses that live among us mortals, and reunite people with their true love/soulmate. Valentine opens up with a woman walking around a garden in a low-cut flowy dress. She seems very happy. Then she throws up some business cards up in the air, and the camera catches one that says “Valentine” on it. The Valentine family is made up of Grace Valentine, the family matriarch and the goddess Aphrodite. Grace is in charge of everything the other Valentines do. She recruits the other gods when Roland finds their card (she can sense that type of thing), Danny Valentine–god of erotic love, Eros and son of Grace. Danny is the one that doesn’t follow the rules and is too busy fooling around with girls. In the opening, he gets the call from Leo who says he’s needed. He has to sneak away from his latest one-night stand who gets mad at him. He shoots her with a gun that makes woman have lovey dovey feelings.

Phoebe Valentine–the Titan Phoebe or the Goddess of the Oracle at Delphi. She is the only one that The Fates talk to when it comes to matching soul mates. She also sees what will happen if they don’t find one another. Autumn Reeser, who portrays Phoebe can also be seen as “Taylor” on “The O.C.” reruns.

Ray Howard–the god Hephaestus. Ray is Grace’s ex-husband. Grace and him end up kissing and before that it’s obvious that they still have chemistry.

Ari Valentine–the god, Ares. Grace’s estranged husband and father to Danny. Ari was not around for a lot of Danny’s childhood, and Grace blames him for their son’s disobedient behavior.

Christine Lakin, from “Step by Step” portrays Kate Providence who’s a romance novelist that is recruited by Grace when she finds out they (the gods) are turning human. The reason the Valentines are turning human is because humans have found faster ways of finding love by going to Facebook and other websites. Humans also show their loved ones how they feel by sending text messaging. They actually say that on the show but in a way it’s true. Does anybody find their soulmate/bf/gf the old fashioned way anymore? Grace finds Kate at one of her book readings. Kate is very resistant when Grace tells her she is the goddess, Aphrodite, and wants to hire her as part of the Valentine team. She thinks that Grace is crazy. But Grace performs some of her magic on her, and Kate quickly changes her mind. She realizes that the Greek gods/goddesses really exist. She even helps reunite Roland and Joanna in the opening episode.

This season opener starts off with Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California with people dressed up as famous actors such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, and there’s another guy in bronze makeup from head to toe. He was a robot I think. The “Charlie Chaplin imitator” planned a surprise for his crush because he’s talking to the bronze guy about it. Roland aka Charlie Chaplin goes up to his crush, Joanna to give her a present. They’re so googly eyed over each other that the Madonna look alike says, “Why don’t they get a room” in a sarcastic kind of way. The bronze robot guy says that they will soon. Roland gives the present to Joanna and as she’s opening it, he notices the engagement ring on her finger. To his discontent, turns out that she’s engaged to her ex-bf who crawled back to her yet again. Roland got her tickets to a romantic couples event that was meant for them two, but he tells her it’s his wedding gift for her and her fiance, Tad. Roland loves her, but realizes that she’ll never see him as boyfriend material. That’s harsh. Needless to say, the Valentines come into the picture when fate sends him a Valentine business card. On a mission to reunite Joanna and Roland, Leo snatches Roland and throws him in a van driven by Grace. The cops across the street see the whole thing, and head towards them. Leo throws a aluminum barrel at a store window and yells to the cops, “I’m going to rob this store”. He says, “I hate cops” as he’s being chased by the cops.

At the end Roland and Joanna end up on opposite sides of the road. Roland tells her the he’s done being lead on by her and walks away. She follows him telling him all the good times they had. When he doesn’t stop, she asks him to marry her. That makes him stop right in his tracks and they intertwine fingers and continue to walk. Then the scene changes to them sharing a bowl of ice cream and watching QVC. They kiss as the Valentines watch them thru the Oracle. I thought the show was well casted and interesting. Sometimes predictable but a good show. 3 out of 5 stars.

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