Watch Doctor Who

Watch Doctor Who, it’s actually a really funny and at the same time interesting cartoon series. The series is about an unknown scientist who is a time traveler who is only known by many, even his comrades as Doctor Who. Together with his friends, Doctor Who travels around the time in his time machine that seems to look like a blue public police box. As he travels around time, he rights many wrongs and saves lots of people from their dire troubles. Alongside his journeys, Doctor Who exposes the viewer to lots of period of times ranging from the past, present and even to the future where he performs his righteous deeds.

Cartoons like these really have an interesting concept because they do not seem to appear like most cartoons that have very predictable plots and storylines. Instead, those who watch Doctor Who can really enjoy a very rarely used idea in cartoon series which is time travel. As a matter of fact, the movies and television shows that use time travel in their main story lines can only be counted. While there are those that include time travel in some parts of their series, they only integrate the concept in one or two episodes for the whole season set.

If you’ve missed most of the episodes of this great cartoon, you can watch Doctor Who in the internet in many recommended websites that allow these kinds of shows along with all sorts of movies, cartoon and television show episodes that are part of their vast collection of videos for free online streaming.

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