Watch Korean Drama

Asian multimedia culture has really made itself known all over the entertainment industry all over the world now. So many people watch Korean drama that it’s as if it’s not meant for Koreans only anymore (of course, not that it should). Everywhere you go there are communities within the locality whose members find reruns of even not entirely new episodes to be worth watching almost every night. Local media industries from different countries purchase copies of these episodes from their original producer and translate them into the local language and aired through local television networks for their audience to enjoy.

Korean dramas, of course, are originally aired in Korean language. But because these dramas are aired in various countries, local entertainment industries have found two general ways to translate these shows. First is through voice over, where the local network hires local voice talents to say lines that are translated versions of what the actors in the show say in Korean, so when the actors talk the voice is synced and it looks as if they are speaking in their native language. And then there’s the subtitling method, where the networks place subtitles in their local language so viewers can see the translated text at the bottom of the screen as the show goes on. Either way it helps the audience who watch Korean drama enjoy the shows more.

You can watch Korean dramas anywhere now. Copies are sold in most multimedia outlets and you can even get them off the internet, with translations at the language of your choice.

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