What the Bleep – A Unique and Brilliant Film

One of the greatest criticisms of motion pictures is that they have a tendency to be derivative. That is, most films simply copy other films and themes. While there is some truth to this, the sentiment is still a sweeping generality. This inherent flaw with such a statement reveals itself when a new and exciting film makes its debut. This can be seen with the film What the Bleep as it is a very unique creative work that is both entertaining, informative, and thought provoking. Yes, What the Bleep (aka What the Bleep Do We Know?) is a sleeper hit that is quickly achieving cult film status. That is why it deserves a closer look.

The Plot

The film centers on the relationship between quantum physics and human consciousness. Usually, such a plot description would have most potential audience members running for the hills. It does sound like a heavy handed and, dare it be said, boring film. Actually, it is quite the interesting film and the somewhat complex theme it puts forth is actually simple more closely examined. In essence, the theme states that the reality of the world is created by our perception of it. In other words, if we believe something is true it becomes true to us. This then makes something real. So, reality is based on perception because we do not see what we do not perceive. Hence, it does not exist. This is the inverse of “I think therefore I am” and it is a profound point that What the Bleep puts forth.

The Style

What the Bleep achieves this by mixing documentary style filmmaking with a traditional narrative style. In the film, the protagonist is a depressed woman named Amanda who slowly withdrawals from reality. As a result of this withdrawal, she begins to look at the world closely. Actually, she looks at the world so closely she sees it on a quantum physics level. This leads her into an Alice in Wonderland type existence were she discovers her impressions of reality change reality. Actually, reality never changes; only her perception of it does and, ultimately, perception defines reality. Now, that is a quirky plot!

Critical Reactions

Strangely, critical reactions towards What the Bleep were mixed. In a way, this should have been expected since the film is very offbeat. While being quirky and offbeat has its positives, such films also come with the risk of being unfocused. For some critics, this was the problem with the film. They felt such deviations from normal narrative structures were confusing and undermined the positives of the movie going experience. It would seem that critics were, well, more critical than the “average” audience member and panned the film. Yet, the film proved quite successful despite the criticism.

The film’s quirkiness and deviating from convention was enough to make it an enjoyable experience for its audience. That is why it was a huge financial success. It was soon followed by What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole. Will there be another film in the series? Time will tell.

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