Who is Paul Walker Dating?

Who is Paul Walker dating? That’s really the question. Paul Walker, the Hollywood hunk actor who figured in hit movies like The Fast and the Furious and Into the Blue, easily is the apple of every girl’s eye every time his shirt goes off and his beautiful abs show. Paul Walker is one of the many American actors who just needed one good movie to finally propel him into stardom.

But what’s more interesting about Paul Walker is his taste in girls. Since he became an actor in 1985, he has got girls and dates worth keeping and talking about. Paul Walker’s first ever celebrity girlfriend is the sexy Denise Richards, who was previously married to Charlie Sheen. Well, that relationship ended two years ago and Denise is out dating again. She’s last seen going out with former Superman, Dean Cain.

Paul Walker dated Denise in 1993. After their relationship ended, Paul was on and off the cameras – and the paparazzi for that matter. He has had a girlfriend named Rebecca in 1997 and that relationship blossomed for two years. When they broke up, Paul Walker started seeing Bliss Ellis.

Jamie King is also one of the girls Paul had dated. Jamie King is an American actress who shot into fame after doing White Chicks. She and Paul Walker dated for a while. And that short while lasted for more than a year without both of them noticing it. They started dating in 2002 and they broke up a year after that.

Probably, the most celebrated relationship that Paul Walker has had during his Hollywood career is with Jessica Alba. Jessica is his co-actor in the film Into the Blue. Indeed, the two were able to share good things while in the set and were able to carry on all of those outside of it. Jessica and Paul were seen dating during and after filming. Only, the relationship didn’t last long because as everybody knows, Jessica is now happily married and has recently borne a child.

Paul Walker was away from the dating circle after his relationship with Jessica Alba. It was only last year when he resurfaced again, this time dating Portuguese actress Marisa Morris. The relationship started back in 2007 and the two weren’t together anymore as of this time. Marisa is seen dating Rob Lowe, Gabriel Aubry, and Julian Ovenden right after she ended it up with Paul Walker.

To all the girls who want to know who is Paul Walker dating right now, the answer is still a big question mark. Either Paul Walker’s heart is parked at the moment or he’s simply busy with some other things. Paul is currently filming Bone Deep, an action movie directed by John Luessenhop. The movie is set for 2010 release and it will star Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana, and Matt Dillon.

Paul Walker’s newest film is the fourth sequel of his very popular movie series, The Fast and the Furious. This time, the movie is simply entitled Fast & Furious and it is set to be shown worldwide come 2009. Currently, the film is in post production and has Justin Lin as its director. And just like the rest of The Fast and the Furious movies, this film will star Vin Diesel. Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and Laz Alonso will also have major parts in the film, among others.

Paul Walker could be a little busy with his back-to-back films so he isn’t figuring much in the dating game this time around. Fans and girls can go to sleep thinking that the hot actor is single at the moment. Who wouldn’t want Paul Walker for a date anyway? Girls who find Paul Walker to be the man of their dreams can certainly date him in their imagination, at least.

So, who is Paul Walker dating at the moment? Well, nobody really knows for sure. Paul Walker is just like other Hollywood guys who are very privy to their personal affairs. Right now, Paul Walker isn’t much into revealing which girl is making him happy. Paul doesn’t seem to look so sad these days. And that only means two things – he could be content with his being single or he has one beautiful date that he is not going to tell everyone else about yet.

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