Piracy Isn’t Worth it – Satellite TV Makes Movies Available

Piracy Isn’t Worth it – Satellite TV Makes Movies Available and Affordable in Brilliant HD

With the advent of high-speed Internet connections being available to most any home, the problem of movies and albums being pirated online has grown. There are many sites that offer pirated movies and it’s a common enough argument that paying for a subscription service such as cable television isn’t worth it if the films can be obtained for free. This argument, however, really doesn’t hold water.

The quality of the films pirated on line is almost always far below the quality provided by even a regular, non High Definition, cable broadcast. If you decide to waste your time downloading one of these, expect lousy audio, a picture that alternates from fuzzy to incomprehensible and, quite often, complete uselessness. Many of the copies simply don’t work or don’t represent full recordings of the film in question.

On the subject of recording: Some of the recording methods used are almost laughable. One common method is to sneak a video camera into a theater and record the movie. The quality, of course, is atrocious. Expect to be listening to the crowd more than the film-the film audio will sound like it was recorded in a can, as well-and expect the picture to jump, go out of frame and have an appearance similar to watching a movie while wearing dirty glasses. The recording quality for those that are “ripped” is most often not full HD and playing them on a modern set won’t even approach the experience of watching them legitimately.

There’s also the danger of malicious programs being included with whatever’s downloaded. Remember, video pirates are already breaking the law and, apparently, have no hang-ups about cheating people out of being paid for their work. How much do you think they care about your computer? If you start visiting these sites, expect an awful lot of virus warnings, at the least, and legal trouble in some cases. Pirating movies on line is, in fact, breaking the law. If you find yourself using justifications such as “a little bit illegal”, ask a lawyer if anything is “slightly illegal”. It’s illegal or it isn’t and piracy is most definitely illegal.

If you have satellite television, you’re already saving enough on movies that piracy is really not worth it, anyway. Movies on demand allow you to see whatever’s out in the movie stores, not whatever’s currently on a movie channel. High definition broadcasts are the absolute pinnacle of quality and you’re guaranteed a “good copy” every single time.

What attracts people to pirating movies and other media online is the idea that they’re getting something valuable for no cost. This is a natural human impulse and is similar to the desire to maximize the return on any investment. Where Internet piracy is concerned, however, the old axiom about low cost goods truly applies: You get what you pay for. Considering that the practice is illegal, you may just well get more than you bargained for, as well. With affordable subscription options from satellite TV, there’s really no need.

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