Made of Honour Movie Review From a Christian View

A review of Made of Honour from a Christian perspective.

Made of Honour has many flaws when you look at it from a Christian world view. I was very disappointed by the amount of sexual innuendos and the obvious lack of a positive marriage view.

The main character, Tom is very popular with the ladies and sleeps around quite a bit. There are a lot of scantily clad women seen throughout the movie. Tom’s Father enters and ends his SIXTH marriage during the movie. The lack of conviction over this is appalling.

The language was not as bad as some movies I have seen in this genre. However, there was quite a bit of mouth pollution going on. The s, h, d and b words are said several times throughout the course of the film, as well as several variations of God and Jesus’s name being misused. There are also a few crude references made in the movie.

I do not think this is s healthy movie for teenagers. If you are a Christian parent trying to teach your child purity and a positive marriage view, this will only hinder your attempts. It is far from what should be expressed about marriage and relationships.

Unfortunately, Patrick Dempsey’s good looks could not bring this movie into my good book. This is just not a good movie for a Christian to be watching. It lacks so much that if there are any positives to say they are lost in the mess. I give this movie a 0 out of 4 stars. Sorry Patrick!

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