A Look at the New James Bond Movie, Quantum of

A Look at the New James Bond Movie, Quantum of Solace

Well the time has come again for a new bond film to hit our screens. Daniel Craig takes his role as Mr Bond in the latest movie named Quantum of Solace. After outstanding reviews from the first film Casino Royale, can Daniel Craig meet and exceed the expectations that he is facing?

The preceding film before Daniel Craig got cast as 007 was Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day, in all honestly Brosnan set the dying franchise back to light and delivered some exceptional movies. But as times progresses so must movies, we have seen a darker side to movies as of late, being hugely successful such as the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight. Therefore I believe that was the foremost reason why we have seen a hugely successful bond in Pierce Brosnan replaced.

Daniel Craig’s first outing made us see a new darker and moodier side of the character, which ultimately opened the door to a whole new audience and I can assure you that this new outing delivers much more. The violence in the new flick is pushed up to a new level.

The movie starts itself with an awesome car race which was last probably seen in the Bourne Ultimatum and Italian Job movies. You can really see the efforts not only from the producers for making the film, but also from the actors for putting in some very daring stunts. You will be surprised to hear that at least three of the characters have suffered major injuries; with Daniel Craig himself needing eight stitches to his face and also having his finger sliced.

The movie itself is one of the first James Bond sequels to be made, it continues from Casino Royale where Mr Bond is after revenge for the death of his lover Vesper Lynd. But on his route to seek revenge he uncovers a threat in the form of crime organization Quantum. The death toll in the movie does stack up quite a lot, as in one reference M states, “Bond, if you could avoid killing every lead there is, that would be appreciated.”. He then gets his licence revoked for not complying.

All in all the film is a must watch and it will probably end up being one of the best action movies that you have watched in a while. This film strips out all of the gimmicks and gadgets and even pulls out the tagline “The name’s bond, James Bond”, but if you are a 21st century movie fan than this is a heck of a movie that cannot be missed.

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