Fringe is the New Lost

First of all, don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE Lost and am not trying to say it’s ready to be put out to pasture. Lost is a classic and, in my opinion, it’s only drawback is that it’s like the proverbial spouse that spends too much time on the road. While it’s absence gets old fast, you’re always eagerly waiting its return, even if you want to kick yourself a little bit for being so anxious. And desperate!

But this article isn’t about Lost, it’s about a wonderful new find: Fox’s Fringe. This series is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The writers consistently deliver intense drama, humor, and plenty of things their viewers never saw coming. They seem to delight in catching us off guard, and it’s something they do amazingly well.

The best thing Fringe has going for it, however brilliant the writing is, may be it’s cast. The casting department for Fringe should be congratulated for assembling the most perfect cast since…. well, Lost. They’ve come up with a cast that has the sort of chemistry most producers only dream of.

Anna Torv, as Agent Olivia Dunham, is one of the most remarkably believable lead actresses I’ve ever seen. She has the cool, graceful beauty of Naomi Watts and Grace Kelly – yet, at the same time, you completely buy into her character being a top notch agent. You also buy into the fact that she could easily kick your butt while blindfolded and holding a puppy.

Joshua Jackson plays the role of Peter Bishop, another one of the “good guys.” Each time I watch Fringe, I keep wondering how in the world Joshua Jackson has managed to keep from becoming a household name. There’s something very special about this actor. He has so much talent to go along with his great looks. If that doesn’t spell success, nothing will! Like Anna Torv, he is a perfect fit for this show.

Last, but by all means not least – the absolutely incredible John Noble is Peter Bishop’s father, Dr. Walter Bishop. Whenever Mr. Noble’s on the screen, you don’t even want to blink. Looking away is certainly not an option! I can honestly think of only a few other television actors who lose themselves this beautifully in a role (Hugh Laurie as House, Jorge Garcia as Hurley…). I’m at a loss for words to describe the brilliance of this actor. It’s like Angelina Jolie’s beauty – there are just some things you have to see for yourself, no one else could possibly do it justice with a description.

That can be said about every aspect of Fringe. It’s something you should see for yourself. If you haven’t seen this VERY special show yet – wait for reruns. Then don’t miss an episode. The premiere episode was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched on tv. I haven’t seen a premiere like that since a certain plane crashed and Charlie asked, “Where are we?”

I can’t wait for Fringe to hit dvd. I have my shelf ready.

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