Application For the Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is an American reality race program broadcast by CBS. Since its start in 2001 TAR has had twelve series and has been hugely successful. It has received seven Prime time Emmy Awards and has provided the United States with some wonderful viewing. Application for the Amazing Race is a complicated procedure and there are many considerations which are taken into account.

Each time must be made up of two members and to be eligible for application for the Amazing Race these two members must have a significant, and usually long term, relationship. There have been teams of spouses, siblings (including twins), business partners and almost every other coupling imaginable. There have even been two beauty queens who were past rivals. Although most couples must have had a relationship that has lasted for three years or more, exceptions have been made to this ruling in a few cases.

Application for the Amazing Race is made by application form which is available either from CBS or can be downloaded from the Amazing Race website. Not only must you complete the written form but you must also include a short video of up to three minutes. This video will be used by the producers to decide whether they are interested in meeting you at an interview and taking your application further. They are looking for people who come across well on film and have a character that will be suitable for the Amazing Race. If they feel that both members of the team have the right personality, looks and commitment, then they may ask you to join a team of finalists in one of several major cities in the United States.

When filling in your application for the Amazing Race, you will be ask to sign a contract to confirm your agreement to a number of points. One of these will be a background check. The show will have the right to carry out any background investigations that they feel necessary. This will be at their discretion. They will also want to know about any misdemeanor or felony that you may have been responsible for in your past (with the exception of minor traffic offences).

Another condition of your application for the Amazing Race will be that you sign a confidentiality contract. This will mean that you will not be able to talk to anyone regarding any issues concerning the recording of the show or any issues relating to the content of the shows. This will ensure the show being aired without the audience being aware of where the teams will be heading or indeed any other plans for the series. If you are considering applying for the Amazing Race, take plenty of time to complete the application form. You will find 8 pages of quite intense questions and do not forget that it is the way in which you answer these all important questions that will help decide whether or not you become a contestant on one of America’s most popular game shows.

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