Find Out How To Download Movies Onto PSP In 5

Find Out How To Download Movies Onto PSP In 5 Easy Steps

If you are lucky enough to own a Sony Playstation Portable, you may find that transferring legal PSP movie downloads can be kind of tricky. Lots of people just don’t understand how to download movies onto PSP or how to put movies on PSP and still have them to play without problems. Here then are the five simple steps to get your PSP ready for the video transfer and then to get the file to work the way it’s supposed to.

First Step

Since the PSP only has a 32MB memory card it will only be able to hold small files. If you are planning to download any movies, TV programs or games onto the PSP, you will definitely need a much bigger device. So you might want to consider purchasing an additional memory card such as a Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Second Step

In order to be able to use your new memory card on your PSP, you’ll have to format it. When you format it, this will create a new folder on your PSP that will read: Game, Music, Photos, and Savedata.

Third Step

You will need to have the video file already on your computer in order to transfer it to your PSP. First of all, plug your PSP into the USB port of your computer with the ISB cable provided. After you have attached it successfully, push on the Home button which you will find on the bottom left hand side of your PSP. Scroll left to Settings, then continue by scrolling down to the USB Connection and press the X. By doing this you have attached the memory stick onto your computer.

Fourth Step

You’re now set to begin to transfer the file you have selected, onto your PSP. Here’s where many people run into problems. Follow the next set of instructions exactly to avoid problems. To be able to successfully playback the video file you are transferring to your PSP, copy them into the file path MP_ROOT > 100MNV01. You will find the 100MNV01 folder inside the MP_ROOT folder. These files will have to be created if they do not already exist. Be sure to create them exactly as they are written above, with all capital letters and with the 100MNV01 folder inside the MP_ROOT folder. You will also have to name the video file correctly in order for the PSP to play it properly. It has to begin with M4V and end in any five random numbers, for example M4Vplaymovies46870. When you’ve completed these instructions correctly, you can transfer the video file to your PSP from your computer.

Fifth Step

Once the file has completely transferred onto the memory stick, safely disconnect your PSP from the computer. Scroll on over to where you see Video on your PSP, and hit the X. If you did everything correctly, you should be able to watch the video you just downloaded on your PSP.

Congratulations on setting up your PSP to play video files and movies. You’ll find as you surf the web that there are many sites offering thousands of games, movies, and lots of other content especially for your PSP. There are services that offers free downloads and have a huge content library so you can choose what you’d like to transfer to your PSP. And for your friends who have trouble figuring out how to download movies onto PSP, sites like these offer an easy solution to what can be a difficult process.

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