Tinseltown Movie Theatre News

Well there have been many new and upcoming releases, that come out during the holidays. This is the time where everyone in the family can sit together, and join in and watch an old fashioned movie together to celebrate the holidays.

Well I think some major films out are, Twilight which looks to be a scary tale, basically an old vampire love tale, which I think will do very good in the theatres. Twilight is incentive on being very dramatic, and centered around the love of two people. This will attract many females viewers to come and watch this movie.

Also another movie out will be Australia, which also looks good. Australia is a new movie about two people in love, going through the ages to fight a war together. This basically shows a love story between two people, that have bonded over time. The couples are trying to find their way through a deep war, in which they keep their love connected. They end up going around countries to make a change, and do things for each other as if they were one.

Also last but not least quantum of solace which is another James Bond movie, which everyone seems be a fan of, since James Bond movies are classics. The only thing about this movie is that its another person playing James Bond, which is sometimes hard to get used to. Its because sometimes everyone is used to a certain actor, for certain roles. I guess it will do very well in the theatres because it has many scenes with action, and will bring in a new generation of interested viewers to watch the movie.

So i suggest that you check them out when you get a chance, because you wont be disappointed. If you want great holiday movies, then these are three of the best ones out.


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