The Vicar of Dibley Series – Why is it So

The Vicar of Dibley Series – Why is it So Popular?

The Vicar of Dibley is a hugely popular British sitcom about a female vicar who moves into a small English countryside village and becomes their new vicar, much to the the surprise (and disapproval) of the parishioners. It doesn’t sound like a smash hit but it was recently voted one of the best British sitcoms of all time, so why is it so popular?

Well the short answer is that it’s actually very funny. It’s well-written, has excellent storylines, and best of all has an excellent cast of characters that are all funny in their own way. None more so than the lead character, Geraldine Granger, who is the female vicar played by Dawn French. Indeed it is Dawn French’s personality that really comes across in her character and results in one of the best lead characters in a sitcom you are likely to come across.

As I say the supporting characters are just as funny as well. They include Jim who is the stuttering old man who is just hilarious every time he speaks, Owen the dirty and crude farmer, Frank the secretly homosexual secretary for the weekly meetings, David the intelligent Councillor and chairman of the meetings, Hugo, David’s dimwitted son, and of course Alice the even more dimwitted assistant to the vicar.

As the Vicar of Dibley series evolves you get to see Geraldine slowly become a much-loved and pivotal member of the community. There is disapproval at first but she soon becomes accepted by all the villagers including David Horton, who strongly disapproved of her appointment at first but by the end it’s clear that he greatly admires her.

Every episode of the Vicar of Dibley is beautifully written and extremely funny. A religious sitcom set in a sleepy countryside village may not sound like a good premise for a sitcom but the combination of great storylines and brilliant characters make the Vicar of Dibley a hugely enjoyable sitcom that the whole family can enjoy.

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