Love is a Fairy Tale – The Most Popular Hollywood

Love is a Fairy Tale – The Most Popular Hollywood Divorces Ever

True love is something that many people consider elusive. Because of this unavoidable fact, many people search their lives for the partner they will eventually come to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. But alas in real life, even something as pure and beautiful as true love rarely lasts a lifetime. Many things can rock a marriage such as infidelity, financial problems, incompatibility and purely getting sick of one another.

But if in the everyday, ordinary setting of our life as we know it, love and marriage can prove to be sticky things to hold on to, what more in the glitz and glamor world of Hollywood celebrities? Not only is temptation all around, but life as a celebrity can really take its toll on relationships. And if you needed some reinforcement that true love never lasts forever then here are a few more picture perfect motivations from the Barbie and Ken world of Hollywood:

- Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: They were Hollywood’s power couple of the last decade. Together they were an unstoppable acting and attention-generating machine that we thought would last forever as they hurdled obstacle after obstacle. It didn’t hurt that they looked so gorgeous together. But after 10 years of marriage, divergent careers would force this pair apart. They are now married again, to different partners though they insist they have nothing but genuine respect for each other.
- Bruce Willis and Demi Moore: Yes, it’s a fact that even the long Hollywood marriages with kids can and do end in splitsville. But if you’re just going your separate ways, best to do it like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. A couple for 13 years and with 3 kids to show for it, they remain on very good terms, with Bruce even going to Demi’s wedding. Now that’s class.
- Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson: OK, so in retrospect nobody really thought that this pairing would really go the extra mile. But there’s something about a couple that stars in their very own show called ‘The Newlyweds’ and make you feel like Einstein every time they talk that wants you to root for their staying together. But alas, 4 years later, the inevitable happened and we are left with dreams of what could have been.

These are only a few of the highly publicized Hollywood marriages that ended up in divorce. These however are far from the only ones. If you want a comprehensive list of all those couples that couldn’t stand the test of time in spite of fame, fortune and good looks, visit:

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