Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Top 5 Movies on Satellite TV

Paying homage to the greatest action hero of all time is no easy task. Yet, seeing as Arnie is currently occupied being the Governator of California and subsequently leads a more austere and busy life than in days of yore, a review of the best movies this monster of the big screen has ever starred in will have to suffice. Surely after reading this, the urge to pull out the deluxe edition of one of these cinematic gems that you bought yourself for Christmas and relish Arnold’s might while reclining in front of your HD set will overcome you…so go ahead and prepare some popcorn in preparation.

1) Terminator 2: The classic that sent Arnold’s film career soaring to unprecedented heights. The most quoted one-liner in movie history has to be “Hasta la vista, baby,” and with that alone this movie has been turned into a cult favorite and marketing factory. Arnie as we have grown to remember him at his best: merciless, emotionless, pure brute force.
2) Conan the Barbarian: Vintage Arnie. This movie catches our hero at the peak of his physical prowess like no other he subsequently made. He may have still been a bit uncomfortable with our language, but he won us over nonetheless, and the one-liners already began to shine through, hinting at his subsequent mastery of the gimmick.
3) True Lies: A successful hybridization of action and comedy, with this movie Arnold proved to his fans that he was capable of a broader spectrum of facial expressions and inflections of voice than we were previously accustomed to. But, not one to disappoint his fans, he made sure to kick plenty of butt in this flick.
4) Predator: The only movie ever to star two future state governors, Predator was packed full of thrills and suspense like few movies in the action genre. Gory as one could ask, this movie introduced us to new variants in the sports of battle and dismemberment. Towering above his co-stars, Arnie is the only one who can hold on to the bitter end and overcome the extraterrestrial threat…just another day in the life of this mammoth.
5) Commando: A trained murdering machine, Arnold is his typical intimidating self in this one, but with a nobler cause: to save his daughter. We rarely see these heart-warming elements in his early work, and they only go to prove that he can rain down death and destruction on his foes all while serving a higher purpose…priceless!

Aahhh…no action film since has achieved what Schwarzenegger did in these movies, despite however much special effects they include. It’s time to sit back with that popcorn you made and be taken back to the pinnacle of action movie history. If you’re a true fan, you’ll have bought the digitally-remastered DVDs of your favorite batch of Arnold flicks, and enjoy them from time to time on your 50-inch high definition flat screen TV. If not, cable and satellite TV are always airing samples of Arnie’s impressive repertoire…indeed, they would be foolish not to!

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