Showtime – Showcasing the Best Satellite TV Has to Offer

Showtime – Showcasing the Best Satellite TV Has to Offer

Many TV shows are mind crushingly uninteresting, common and dull. If you find there’s nothing to watch, then you haven’t got Showtime and it’s time to call up your satellite TV company and get yourself hooked up. Showtime offers something different. Its shows are fresh, complex, and original. You’ll find yourself hooked. There are several multiplex channels under the Showtime logo, including an all HD or high definition channel, and several movie channels. Here is a quick list of just some of the great shows Showtime has got to offer.


Dexter Morgan is a murderer. A serial killer, in fact. He’s also a forensics expert, whose specialty is blood spatters. He works for the Miami Metro Police Department. But here’s the rub-Dexter only kills other killers, people who haven’t yet gotten caught, people who deserve it. His adoptive father taught him how to channel is sociopathic tendencies into a more productive activity. Of course, the show’s moral ambiguity has given rise to controversies, but it has also garnered the show a number of prizes and awards. Dexter isn’t for the young ones, which is why you can only catch the unscrubbed version of the show on satellite TV or cable.

This American Life

This American Life is the TV version of the hit radio program. Each episode focuses on one theme and variations of that theme. Usually, you’ll get several different story arcs, tidbits of American life. The show’s mixture of animation, live action shots and collage is innovative and actually suits the format, contrary to what naysayers may think. The stories are touching, funny, surprising and emotional all at once. Ira Glass is a paragon of a host. This show is not to be missed, in HD of course.


Starring ex-X-files alum David Duchovny as Hank Moody, a debauched novelist who moves to LA after his latest book is optioned. Moody fights a mean case of writer’s block whilst dealing with his sordid love life. He also has a pre-teen daughter to help raise with his ex girlfriend, whom he still happens to love. The show is unapologetic, dark and funny. Again, this show is not for the kiddies-catch it on Showtime via satellite TV.


Weeds is about a marijuana toting suburban soccer mom played by the formidable Mary-Louise Parker. After her husband’s death, Parker’s character turns a small time operation into a fully-fledged pot farm. When her stash burns in a vicious forest fire, Botwin turns to a Mexican dealer to try her luck on the border. Meanwhile, her kids help her in the family business.

Inside the NFL

This show takes a look behind the scenes of the great sports league. If you’re a fan of the NFL Sunday Ticket, you certainly don’t want to miss this show. You’ll get all the latest football news, insider’s picks, key match-ups and great predictions. There are also stirring debates and full NFL transcripts. This is definitely a sports fan’s show.

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