DVD Catalogs and Kids

If you have kids, you need a DVD catalog. And the best way to make it is with top quality DVD catalog software. You might think it’s not necessary to keep a list of children’s DVDs, or even your own DVDs. But a catalog is a great idea for every DVD collection. Not only will you have a list of your movies in a worst case scenario in which you might need to file an insurance claim, but you’ll have a list just for fun browsing. You won’t have to remember if that movie you haven’t watched in years is part of your collection or one you rented-the information is right there. And you can see at a glance which movies you’ve loaned out that haven’t been returned.

A Child’s DVD Catalog

Those are all great reasons to use catalog software to catalog your movies, but what about kids’ movies? There are many reasons to make a DVD catalog of children’s movies. Do you really remember every movie your child owns? Do you have to physically look through all the DVDs before you buy one for a birthday or Christmas? With movie catalog software, you’ll never have to try to find all of Johnny’s or Janie’s DVDs to make sure they don’t already own the movie.

Having a catalog will make it easier for the kids, too. Just like adults, kids might forget whether they actually own a movie or have watched it elsewhere, so when it come time to make that Christmas wish list or answer “Do you have that movie?” they can remind themselves which movies they do have with a quick check into the DVD catalog software.

It’s also big fun for kids to use the software. Even little ones can add movies with your help because the best DVD catalog software is simple to use. Type in a keyword (great practice for kids learning how to spell) and then simply click to add the movie.

A DVD catalog is a great way to teach kids organization and how to keep track of their valuable possessions, too. If they’ve made a fun list of their movies in a catalog software and can sort how they want, they’re more likely to take care of their actual movies because they suddenly seem more substantial and important.

Your DVD Catalog

If you have children, you can use DVD catalog software in many other ways. You can password protect your catalog if you’ve listed adult movies or even regular movies that contain inappropriate content for minors.

That PG-rated movie might have contained something you wouldn’t want your toddler to see, or that PG-13 movie might be full of stuff you wouldn’t even want your 15-year old to see. Label them, and you won’t have to remember these details next time the kids ask to watch a movie. With movie inventory software, you have the power to create your categories to suit your needs.

Max Smirnov, DVD catalog software (All My Movies”) project manager

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