How to Watch Videos on Your IPod Touch

The iPod Touch has been in the market for over a year now ever since Steve Jobs introduced it at the ‘The Beat Goes On’ event. A hit with Apple fans, it has revolutionized the portable music player industry.

Described as being an iPhone without the phone, the iPod Touch is based on a Wi-Fi mobile platform and is included with Apple’s Safari web browser. Although similar to the iPhone in many ways, right down to the multi-touch graphical user interface and the sleek design, it lacks many features that are found on the iPhone.

For instance, the iPod Touch has no Bluetooth capability, a microphone, a camera and a GPS receiver. Aside from that, both gadgets look almost alike to each other. The line which differentiates them is further blurred when the second generation of iPod Touch sports an external speaker and external volume controls.

As a portable media player, you can also watch iPod Touch movies. This function has had users lamenting on the complicated and somewhat strict procedures in transferring a video into the gadget. For one thing, you can only upload videos in the mpg4 format. Fortunately, converters are easily found over the internet, and the most of them are free.

1) After downloading and running a free iPod video converter, open a file you want to convert to from the ‘choose file’ option. The files could either be from your hard drive or a DVD. If you want to convert a DVD, a number of files will appear on your converter’s display. Choose the file with largest size and start the conversion.
2) You can alter any aspects of the video on the converter itself, such as its size and quality.
3) Next, is the transfer of files from the computer to your iPod Touch. For that, you’ll need the latest version of iTunes, which is available at Apple’s website.
4) Run iTunes and connect your iPod using the cable provided. An icon should appear on the bottom left of the iTunes application and your iPod should display a warning about disconnecting before removing the cable.
5) Choose the ‘Movies’ tab and click the video you want to sync with. Click ‘apply’ and after a few minutes, depending on the size of your video, it will become an iPod Touch movie

There you have it! What you just read is a perfectly foolproof way to convert and transfer iPod Touch movies. Have fun!

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