Gardening by the Yard – What it is and Finding

Gardening by the Yard – What it is and Finding Out More

One popular program on HGTV is “Gardening By The Yard”. Paul James, an accomplished gardener, is the host of the show and he keeps the program fun and light. The advice he gives for people with pest control issues or poor soil is excellent. The humor that is made part of the program makes it both informative and fun.

1994: HGTV Hits the Airwaves

The slogan “Start at home.” was presented by Home and Garden Television, or HGTV, when it first went on the air in 1994. The E.W. Scripps company owns HGTV, along with its various sister channels. These include Fine Living, Great American Country, The Food Network, and DIY Network.

HGTV sticks true to its name and presents helpful programs about around the house projects. Remodeling, organizing, redecorating, crafting, gardening, and landscaping all appear on the networks various shows. There are over eighty programs on HGTV and numerous seasonal specials.

1996: Gardening By The Yard Begins

HGTV first presented its program “Gardening By The Yard” back in 1996. Paul James created, writes, and produces the program himself. The grand majority of the episodes of this program are filmed right in Paul James’ backyard.

Paul James has explained that many older gardening programs on TV presented gardens that were perfect and never had any problems. Of course, this is not realistic at all. He also mentions how this left many viewers feeling like problems in their gardens were their own fault. James also speaks of how the hosts on such programs always looked overly perfect and didn’t appear to be doing any real work.

Gardening By The Yard was made by James in an effort to show the reality of gardening. It is that rooting in reality and the fun and goofy personality of Paul James that make Gardening By The Yard a success.

Paul James started gardening as a hobby back in 1978, which was the same year that he and his wife Carrie purchased their first home. In 1983, James was certified as a Master Gardner because of the college level gardening classes he attended.

James was the owner of a corporate comedy company before he came up with the idea of Gardening By The Yard.

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