Tron – The Legend Returns

With the announcement of the TRON sequel’s lead actor, Garrett Hedlund, and the news that original stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner will be coming back too, now is the perfect time to take another look at the film that started the legend off in the first place. Disney’s TRON, which debuted in 1982, was initially something of a flop, but over time it developed a loyal fanbase that has now stretched on into the 21st century.

That first film, a story of a battle for freedom in a world existing inside a computer, has lasted so long thanks to the relentless creativity that went into its creation. The mixture of early computer generated effects, UV lighting and incredibly inventive set design has ensured that TRON hasn’t aged that much and can be greatly enjoyed by a modern audience.

While some of the superimposition work is a little rough around the edges, for the most part the film still looks amazing. A world of vibrant colours, classic video game style designs and perfect sound effects, TRON serves as the first real movie foray into the world of computers and gaming as a fantasy possibility.

The beauty of TRON’s design lies in the stark contrasts of the coloured wireframe models and their blank, dark backgrounds, the juxtaposition of luminescence and darkness that was the mainstay of so many early 80s video games classics. Now, after comic books, video games and many rumours, the fabled TRON 2.0/TRON 2/TR2N is moving forward.

Special effects technology has moved on to a point where anything is possible, and as the preview test footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con in 2008 proved, the world of TRON will be taken to a new level.

Thankfully the makers are holding onto the stark imagery of that original film. It wouldn’t be a TRON film without those unique, surreal visuals. While the suits and the vehicle designs may well be updated and modified for a contemporary audience, they are keeping to the fundamentals, which is most important.

The Light Cycle chases were some of the best effects sequences ever made in that fabled decade of fantastical movie experiments, and with a brand new TRON film on the horizon, it looks as though we are about to begin a whole new (and even more thrilling) ride.

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